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Sacred Realms uses the ancient wisdom of sound healing to affect cellular change and assist with the   ascension and healing of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.





Sound Healing

Individual - $200/hr


2 people max semi-private - $300/hr $375/90min

We are open to collaborating with companies or individuals that are interested in experiencing a team Sound Healing Session. Please contact us for a quote

As vibration is the fundamental law of the Universe; everything has a vibration, we use tools to shift the subtle body. Sound is one of the most ancient forms of healing that human beings have used and explored over the millenniums. A sound meditation is a transcendent experience; the benefits you receive are literally infinite.

During a session the mind is open and receptive to infinite knowledge and intelligence from the unified field; allowing us access to our innate intelligence, where we can be in a state of full receivership. The shifts that occur within the energy field of the mind and body are profound and have a ripple effect throughout our lives.

Individual or semi-private sessions booked with Dr. Saleste are tailored to the individuals. She draws from her vast background and knowledge in the metaphysical realm and healing arts and will work with you exactly where you are at in your journey.


Our in-house sound healing tools include alchemy quartz crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, a large collection of tuning forks, bells, planetary hand chimes, harmonium, monochord, and various drums and gongs.

Sound Healing Teacher Training

Level One -

2024 Dates TBD

$3497 + GST

Level Two -

2024 Dates TBA

$3497+ GST

Secure your spot!

* Space is very limited to ensure the safety and health of students.


* Please enrol early to avoid disappointment.

Sound Healing Teacher Training will give you a good foundation in the art and science of vibrational healing and how to use sound as medicine.


Level one Sound Healing Teacher Training will give you a solid foundation in understanding the science and physics of sound including our physiology, the three brains, our nervous system and an overview of stress, trauma/pain and addiction. It will also give you a solid foundation in understanding the energetics, that 99% of us that is unseen. We will dive into the cycle of awareness and the chakras. We will also talk about techniques that have been codified down through the ages that assist with our evolution of consciousness, transformation and health. And we will cover a plethora of sound healing tools, what they are used for, how they are used and when to use them. You will walk away with a solid foundation in the art and science of sound healing and understand how to use sound as medicine.


This program combines quantum physics and neuroscience with a yogic philosophical approach to understanding the intentional use of sound as a healing modality. We build a solid foundation of using sound as medicine with the principles behind the science and layer on an understanding of the energetics of our subtle body to enhance any technique that we will be exploring through an experiential process.

* 100 hours - Upon successful completion of training and practicum students will receive a certificate in Sound Healing - The Intentional Use of Sound as a Healing Modality.


Level 2 Sound Healing Teacher Training explores a deeper dive into advanced techniques which includes further exploration into the stage of transformation, grief and healing, the elements, mudras and chakras, drishtis - the role of the eyes, planetary correspondences, frequencies and uses and a deeper dive into the playing and set up of Gongs, Tibetan Bowls, and Crystal Bowls. Level 2 also includes knowledge on how to structure a meditation class, host a ceremony and the business of sound healing.

* 100 hours - Upon successful completion of training and practicum students will receive a certificate in Sound Healing - Advanced Techniques.

Each level is recognized as 15 CE with the NHPC.


Classes are offered through each 

independent studio at their posted rate.

As Saleste's time and expertise is in high demand she will only be offering sound events on a monthly basis through various locations. 


I recommend sound meditation. . .

Testimonial picture

I recommend sound meditation with Saleste for everyone! These sessions are perfect for emotional and energy clearing, to help manifest specific intentions, or if you just want to have a nap and wake up feeling amazing. Saleste's sound healing meditation classes are by far the best way to relax and reset any time during the day or at night. I love that all you have to do is show up in person or online to receive the many benefits of the sound healing journey!

Tereza Fonda - Lawyer & creative entrepreneur 

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