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At Sacred Realms all our offerings are designed and developed with love and intention.
We use ancient teachings to dive deep into the psyche and expand consciousness.




Saleste playing gongs

Goddess Series


Awaken the Goddess Within. This is an opportunity to connect with the energies of a specific Goddess, unleashing the transformative powers that these Goddesses embody. Each class is built around sound based practices that include contemplations, meditations, inquiries and invitations designed to free our voice.


This series was designed with women in mind, especially those who have suffered trauma or abuse. This will be an exploration of using our own voice to retrain the brain and create new neural pathways that allow for an empowered way of being to emerge.

TBA     7-9pm    DŨRGA - Rebuild your Inner Strength. 

TBA     7-9pm      LAKŚMĪ - Access your Inner Wealth.

TBA     7-9pm     SARASWATĪ - Activate the Power of Insight and Speech.

* Space is limited, enrol early to avoid disappointment. Please bring a water bottle, pen & journal, mat and any props to add to your comfort.

Sanskrit Basics


2 classes 7 - 9pm

via zoom

The Sanskrit alphabet is more than a collection of sounds. From a Tantric perspective, Sanskrit is the creative play of consciousness into form. When the sounds themselves come alive in our direct experience, mantra is no longer a distant, mystical subject but a dynamic, harmonizing celebration of life.

As the alphabet is intoned (or any mantric formulae), the following correspondences vibrate in response:

     ~ elemental energies (śaktis and tattvas); 

     ~ petals on the cakras;

     ~ physical regions (mantra puruṣa);

     ~ subtle energy flows (mantra puruṣa).


As we refine our Sanskrit, the bridge from the gross physical level to the eternal cosmic consciousness is awakened, strengthened and most importantly, integrated through all four levels of speech.


You will have a good understanding of the pronunciation basics of the Sanskrit alphabet including the five mouth placements and a rich meditation practice to take home to continue your exploration.

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