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Sacred Realms uses a spiritual approach to ceremony and ancient wisdom to connects us deep within.
We work closely with sound healing, vibration and energy, shamanism and plant medicines, and integrate a combination of these as well as meditation, inquiry, movement, aromatherapy, song, esoteric teachings, creative expression and healing into the journeys we create. 




Cacao + Sound Medicine


* Includes Ceremonial serving of Cacao

Cacao Spirit brings you exactly the medicine you most need in the moment. Not only a superfood, this gentle medicine works to create experiences of bliss by enhancing the Anandamide chemicals (the bliss molecule) in our body while at the same time slowing our ability to process it, leaving us in heightened states of joy for long periods of time.

Through the combination of 100% Pure Ceremonial Grade Cacao and Sound Medicine, an invitation to connect deep within and tap into your sacred gifts occurs, allowing you the opportunity to experience more joy and receive the benefits, whether they are physical, emotional or spiritual.

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Medicine Journeys


Journeys are either held individually or in groups of up to three people.




Program includes preparation & integration including plant medicine journey.

Location disclosed upon registration

Our Medicine Journeys are created with intention. The ceremony with Sacred Realms is primarily a spiritual undertaking and although personal growth can occur, the experience should not be seen nor is it designed as a substitute for psychotherapy. The ceremonial space is a sacred space to explore the depths of your psyche. Our team pays such close attention to how we craft the environment we create at Sacred Realms, modulating it as needed for each guest.

Our Medicine Journeys include preparation and integration time to delve deep into areas of life seeking transformation and the time to unpack the experiences. This aspect is an integral part of the work we do at Sacred Realms. The healing journey begins the moment you start to inquire with us and within yourself.

Our Medicine Journeys are designed to create a container for the sacredness to awaken with plant medicine, aromatherapy, sound, song and energy healing to assist in healing the multidimensional self. Our intention is in holding space for the healing to occur while being present to what is arising within.

* Contact Sacred Realms for initial conversation to see if our team will be a good fit for your plant medicine journey.

Member of the Canadian Psychedelic Association

Trauma Informed Plant Medicine Facilitator certification (Atira Tan)

ATMA Psychedelic Assisted Therapy certification

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